Yearly Tuition is as follows:

  • Core STAR Classes (First Half of Day) $755 per student per year
  • Afternoon Classes: $315 per student per one hour class per year
  • Study Hall/Board Games: $45 per student per one hour per year

Other Fees:

  • Building Fee: $70 per family for the year plus an offering at the end of the year
  • Application Fee: $195 per family
  • Supplies: A supply list will be posted in July and each family will sign up to bring in a few supplies per student, to be added to the community supplies (for example: paints, paint brushes, modeling clay, dry erase markers, paper). Each student will also bring in a box of their favorite flavor of tea bags for our Literature, Poetry & Tea time (these boxes will be set out and shared with the community).
  • Curriculum: See the Curriculum page for more information.

What the Fees Cover:

Tuition covers:

  • 28 weeks of instruction, 1 day per week (half day)
  • Tutor wage
  • Director wage
  • Building Fee
  • Insurance & Taxes
  • Tutor Curriculum

The Application Fee covers:

  • Operating expenses (website, email list, etc.)
  • Photocopies
  • Family Guide*

*See Curriculum page for more information.

Some costs to consider: Families will need to purchase books (or check out from the library) and any other curriculum they wish to use. Field trips and t-shirts will be optional additional expenses. Families will be asked to provide items for occasional potlucks.

Consider being a tutor

Perhaps you really want to participate in this community, but the cost is just too much for your family. If you also love to teach, maybe you will consider applying to be a tutor.