The Core Classes will be taught at the beginning of the day and will include the following subjects:

Whole Community

  • Bible Memory
  • Worship
  • Hymns
  • Nature Study
  • Apologetics
  • Art, Composer and Poetry Study
  • Literature, Poetry and Tea
  • 4-Year History Cycle

Forms 1-3 (Pre-K through 6th Grade)

  • History, Geography, Art and Science Projects (rotating)
  • Memory Work
  • Junior Speech and Government (14 weeks each)
  • Show & Tell

Forms 4-5 (7th through 12th Grade)

  • Speech and Personal Finance (14 weeks each)*
  • Literature
  • Writing Essays
  • Survival/Preparedness

*In future years, students will also learn Teen Policy Debate and Personal Finance.

Why are these the Core Classes?

  1. Bible is the most important Core Class. The highest priority of everything we will learn in a day is God’s Word. Almost all Christian homeschool programs neglect this subject in favor of other core subjects. We want to put our focus on God and His Word.
  2. To accommodate for students who struggle in math and science. If a student is behind in math, they can still be a thriving member of the STAR Community.
  3. To accommodate for students who are advanced in math and science. We will offer math tutoring a couple of options for science in the afternoon. If a student does not need math tutoring or needs a higher level of science, they do not need to enroll in these classes.
  4. To create a strong community. Culture is often built around Scripture and language and stories and art and music. The Core Subjects at our STAR Community will be springboards for conversation and connection. It’s a little harder to build community around math theories. (Some people may succeed in this, but they are rare gems!) 🙂
  5. To provide tutors who love their subjects. Some communities might have one tutor for the entire day, teaching math, science, language arts, history a language, etc. Let’s face it: we all have gifts, and some of us are not gifted in ___ (fill in the blank). I adore literature and history, but you would not want me teaching your kids math or science! At STAR Homeschool Community, we have chosen to break up the day so that tutors who love literature, history and craft projects will teach these subjects in the morning. Then, tutors who love math and/or science will have an opportunity to teach in the afternoon. This will allow for the best education possible for the kids, because it is so much easier to love a subject when you learn under an adult who is passionate about it.