The Literature, Tea and Poetry portion of the day will allow time for the class to discuss the chapter book that is being read at home, read a poem or two, recite any memorized poems, and drink tea. This will also be the mid-morning snack time, so students will want to bring a snack to class.

Each family will be asked to bring a box of tea per student to the Family Meet & Greet. Tea bags will be set out on a table on community days for students to choose one tea bag at the start of the community day and bring it to class with them. Students will also bring a favorite tea cup. We may be able to leave tea cups at the building during the week, depending on the availability of storage.

Hot water pots, honey and sugar will be brought to each classroom for this tea time. Moms will help pour hot water for students while the tutor engages in discussion about tea and poetry.