Forms 1 through 3 (Grades K through 6) Core Subjects

For the Core Subjects (the first half of the day), the only “homework” that will be assigned to Forms 1-3 is:

  • Practice Memory Work
  • Read a chapter book aloud or listen to an audio book (the equivalent of one reasonable chapter per day)
  • Study something within the History Time Period that the community is studying (using the materials suggested in the Family Guide or whichever materials you choose).

Other than that, all subjects will be up to each family’s discretion. There will be suggestions for other subjects in the Family Guide, but there is no requirement to follow every suggestion.

Form 3 (Grades 4 through 6) Afternoon Language Arts

Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 will have an optional opportunity to participate in an afternoon language arts program that will include the following curriculum:

There will be some homework for this course and each family will need a copy of the First Language Lessons book. Students will not need a copy of the Poetry Primer book, as copies will be provided in class.

Students will also have basic writing assignments to work on at home.

Forms 4 and 5 (Grades 7 through 12) Core Subjects

Students in grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 will have more homework in the Core Subjects (first half of the day) than their younger siblings, but not so much as to overwhelm them. Homework will include the following:

  • History reading
  • Literature reading
  • Apologetics study
  • Speech or Government study (First half of the year is Speech, second half is Government)
  • Survival study

The total homework for these subjects should take 2.5 to 4 hours per day. If it is taking a student longer than this, make sure to talk to the tutor and adjust the workload. We don’t want to see kids overwhelmed with homework!

Forms 4 and 5 (Grades 7 through 12) Science and Math

In the afternoon, there will be science and math classes. There will be homework for science, using Sabbath Mood materials (see Curriculum page).

Since so students are often at different levels in math, we will be offering math tutoring instead of math classes. Students will work on the math curriculum of their family’s choosing in the home and then bring their work to the tutoring session for help and guidance.