Is this a faith-based community?

Indeed! We have a Statement of Faith up on the site, and every participating family would need to sign it. We will be worshiping God together at every meeting, as well as memorizing Bible verses. This is a decidedly, unwaveringly Christian community.

Is this community affiliated with a larger organization?

Nope, this is a brand new, started from scratch community in the Lynchburg area.

What ages of children is this community intended for?

This is a whole family community. All ages of children are welcome to attend, but the official program will begin at four years old. That said, Charlotte Mason said that official instruction should not begin until the age of six. Because of this, we will not be handing out worksheets to four or five year olds. The community will also include a challenging but reasonable middle and high school program.

How many days per week will the community meet?

Official instruction will be one day per week. In the future, we are praying about adding a second day of the week for optional electives. For example, we could bring in language teachers, art teachers, music teachers, etc. to hold classes on the second day of the week. The vision is that families would come for the full day of instructions on the first day of the week. Then, families can come to a partial or full day, if they wish, on the second day of the week.

Is this a drop off program, or do parents stay on site?

In order to build a strong community and strong families, children who are in the sixth grade and younger will need a parent with them on site. Parents of middle and high school students are welcome to stay or drop off.

Who will be instructing the students on community days?

Like many homeschool programs, we will count on moms to sign up to be tutors. These will be paid positions. If you have experience, are passionate about teaching and would like to apply, make sure to check out the Hiring Tutors page. In order to avoid burnout of the moms in our community, we will also be seeking tutors who are homeschool family grandparents or who previously homeschooled their own children.

What will the child to tutor ratio be?

In order to pay the tutors fairly, the minimum class size is 6 students. In order to give every student a voice in the class, the maximum class size is 10 students.

How many weeks will this community meet?

We will be meeting 28 weeks, with adequate breaks for holidays. Units will be seven weeks long, and then there will be a break. You can see the tentative calendar on the site.

How many history cycles will there be?

We will be going through history in five cycles, starting with cycle 2.

Will students be learning Latin on community days?

No, Latin will not be a part of the program. The memory work program that we will be using includes a Latin strand and each family may choose to use it if they would like to.

Will children have to wear face masks at co-op?

No, we think it is so important for children and adults to see each other’s faces and smiles. We’re all about building a strong community, so let’s be brave and go maskless.

Will children be required to stay home if they have been around sick people?

No. We are going back to an old fashioned sick policy:

If your child has a fever, green snotty nose, a major rash, is vomiting, has diarrhea or has had any of these symptoms within the past 24 hours, please stay home. Testing for a particular virus will not be required in this community.

Who was Charlotte Mason, and what is a Charlotte Mason education?

Please read What is the Charlotte Mason Method? at Simply Charlotte Mason for more details. There are also several books on the subject, and a few were listed in the most recent blog post.

Is this a non-profit organization?

Currently, we have applied for a Virginia nonstock corporation. After that is approved, we will be applying for a nonprofit, 501(c)3 status.