Curriculum is one of those giant homeschool decisions we have to make. At STAR Homeschool Community, we won’t be deciding everything for you, but we will be suggesting some things.

Curriculum We Will Use On Community Days:

FORMS 1-3 (pre-K through 6)

*We may use other curriculum in class for science, art, geography and history projects.

FORMS 4 & 5 Core Subjects (7th through 12th Grade, First Half of Day)

Curriculum To Be Used At Home:

Whole Family:

  • Bible
  • Claritas Publishing Memory Work (Cycle 2 guide and audio for the whole family, other Claritas products are optional)
  • Various read aloud books
  • Family Guide for STAR Homeschool Community, written by Brenda Scott (provided for each family)
  • School supplies, including: pencils, paper, markers, colored pencils, maps of the world, etc.

FORMS 1-3 (Pre-K through 6th grade)

FORMS 4 and 5 Core Subjects (7th through 12th grade, First Half of Day)

  • Bible (personal Bible for student)
  • Various books on Apologetics and index cards

History, Literature, Science, Hymn Study, Composer Study, Artist Study and Poetry Study for Whole Family

History read aloud books will be chosen by each family. The Family Guide will have suggestions. Core texts in the Family Guide include A Child’s History of the World by Virgil M. Hillyer and various other history books. These are optional, but I believe you will find them to be lovely books! There will be other resources listed, which families may check out from the library or purchase.

Various science read aloud books will be chosen by each family and the Family Guide will have suggestions, which families may check out from the library or purchase. Thornton W. Burgess books about animals and birds will be on the list, for sure!

The community will be reading a chapter book at a time, slowly, so families may want to purchase these instead of checking them out from the library. The list of books can be found here. Alice in Wonderland is mentioned a couple of times in A Child’s History of the World, so it will appear in the Family Guide as a chapter book for 2022-2023 as well. There is a really nice dramatized audio version on Audible, which was narrated by Scarlett Johansson. There are so many lessons that can be learned from this one chapter book. Math, geography, grammar, art, etc.! Read the book this coming school year and see for yourself!

Various books for hymn study, composer study, artist study and poetry study will be listed in the Family Guide. Families may choose to check these out at the library or purchase these. Internet links will also be provided.

Families are welcome to use the subject ideas and find whichever materials suit their children best.

Math, Grammar, Phonics, Reading

Math will not be scheduled in the Family Guide, so each family will need to find a math curriculum for their children.

Grammar, Phonics and Reading will not be included in the Family Guide except for Narration Exercises, which is how Charlotte Mason introduced grammar to young children.

Quiet Reading suggestions will be listed in the Family Guide for children by grade level.

Science Curriculum

If a student in Forms 4 or 5 joins an afternoon science class, they will need one of the following books:

We will also use Sabbath Mood materials for experiments/projects in Forms 1, 2 and 3.