Our STAR Community Days will be a great place to connect with other families. The Activities will offer another opportunity to get to know friends outside of class. See the Calendar for a list of the tentative dates for 2022-2023.

We plan to offer the following types of activities throughout the school year:

  • Monthly Mom’s Nights
  • Dress Up Days once per month on Community Days
  • Potlucks
  • Field Trips
  • Worship at the Fire Pit
  • Game Night
  • Christmas Party
  • Bring Your Best Banquet
  • Science Fair
  • Track & Field Day
  • End of Year Celebration

and a Camping Trip in the summer.

Monthly Mom’s Nights

Homeschool mamas are serious rockstars and need to support one another. It can be hard to get out of the house, but let us commit to doing so one night per month as a matter of self care and community building, which are so important. These evenings will be a relaxing time to hang out with people who “get” the life you’re living.

Dress Up Days

Kids love dressing up! Let’s give them an opportunity to do so (and moms and tutors, too!) and snap a few pictures while we are at it. These are the Dress Up Days for 2022-2023:

  • Pajama Day
  • Costume Day
  • Flannel Day
  • Stars Day
  • Hat Day
  • Twin Day
  • Backwards Day


We will have occasional potlucks during lunchtime on community days. Stay tuned for more information on this!

Field Trips

Once per month, we will schedule a field trip for the whole community. These field trips may be in Lynchburg or a short drive away.

Worship at the Fire Pit

Let’s bring our whole families all gather around a fire pit and worship together this Fall! Bring s’mores and let’s sing praise to our Creator.

Game Night

The whole family will be able to join in on a community game night! Everyone will bring something to munch on and a favorite game.

Christmas Party

Let’s give the students an opportunity to decorate cookies, exchange small gifts in a community gift exchange and sing Christmas songs together. The whole family is welcome.

Bring Your Best Banquet

God has gifted each one of us in some way. Let’s share our gifts, for His Glory! If you are an artist, bring your art work to display. If you are a musician, bring your instrument or your voice and perform for us. If you are a comedian, mathematician, scientist, magician, or have any other fun talents, we want to see them. Bring your best potluck dish to share and your best talents to share with the community. (Note: this is not a competition or contest).

Science Fair

Just after our completion of the Science Projects until for Forms 1-3, we will have a Science Fair. This is where students will display a project they have worked on for the whole community to see. This is an optional event for all ages of students. All students will receive an award, voted on by the community. Perhaps they will win the “super creative” award or the “brilliant design” award. This will not be a competition or contest.

Track & Field Day

Just for fun, let’s get out in the sun and do some potato sack races, relay races and other fun games! All students will get ribbons, and we will have lemonade and snacks. This will be near the end of the school year, to celebrate summer being near.

End of Year Celebration

All families and tutors will come to this event to recognize the hard work the kids have accomplished. Students will stand with their class and recite memory work and share something they learned through the year. Graduating seniors will be recognized and this will be their official community graduation. Cookies and punch will be served. Grandparents and extended family members are welcome, depending on the space avaialble.

Summer Camping Trip

A whole weekend of camping is an excellent way to form community bonds! This will be optional, but you won’t want to miss it!