A Minimalist Family Guide

There seem to be two types of homeschool families looking at STAR Homeschool Community:

  1. The newbie homeschooler who is seeking both community and direction. (What curriculum to use, how to set up the school day, etc.)
  2. The homeschooler who has it figured out and desperately wants community but does not want to commit to a particular curriculum. (They don’t want someone telling them what to teach their children).

I sent out an email about the customizable Family Guide last week, but I worry that I may have overwhelmed some of you with so many details! Here’s the plan:

1. I am writing a family guide that contains all of my suggested resources.

You can take this as is and use every bit of it or pick and choose what you use.

2. I am writing custom family guides for those who want to choose from a list of resources.

I’ve got a list of several resources in each subject. You will get to tell me what you want in your guide and I will custom make it for you. I can’t think of any other place you can find a custom-made curriculum for your family like this and I am SO excited to offer it!

I originally considered writing a Family Guide with every single resource I had researched, but nobody can use that many resources. I fear that a reading list that is so robust would make any homeschool mama feel behind and overwhelmed. So, instead, I will let you choose–which resources do you want included in your guide? Then I will custom make it for you!

3. I have created a minimalist guide for those who simply want community.

If you’re here for community and you want little (or no) direction in how to homeschool your children or what materials to use, the Minimalist Family Guide is for you! The only things our community will be doing all together are:

  • Reading the Bible
  • Reading one chapter book at a time
  • Doing memory work (15 min per day)
  • Going through the same history time period, using whichever resources a family chooses

My goal is to make the community “homework” take up a very short portion of your day if that is what you desire, yet still do “enough” subjects together to form a bond within the community. If you simply want to do the above subjects and do every other subject on your own, you are welcome to! (And if you want direction in all the subjects, you can have that, too). I really want STAR to be a flexible homeschool community, to work for you, where you’re at.

See a sample of the Minimalist Family Guide here (this includes a Unit One overview page and a Week One page). Note that everything in black is what the community will be doing, everything in gray is optional.

A note about the Form 4 & 5 Guide

If you have a student in grades 7 through 12, their guide will be more detailed and contain assignments. This age group’s materials are less flexible, however, we are happy to work with students of all learning levels and allow parents to tailor the guide to meet their student’s needs.

To sum it up:

In summary, the Family Guide for the entire family and specifically for Grades pre-K through 6 is totally flexible and can be as full or minimalist as you would like it to be! The Form 4 & 5 Guide will be less flexible, will contain assignments and specific resources, and can be tailored to meet each student where they are at.

Let me know if you have any questions! Email me at Brenda@STARHomeschool.org and we can chat about how STAR Homeschool Community can work for your family.

About Author

Brenda has been a homeschool mama for many years! Three out of five of her kids have graduated and she has seen the pros and cons of many types of homeschool communities. Brenda has a B.A. from the University of Washington in Culture, Literature and the Arts. STAR Homeschool Community is birthed out of years of experience and a love of homeschooling.

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